The Way We Work

Our 3-step web development process is specifically designed to accommodate the unique requirements and marketing objectives of your website project.

Step One: We work with you to establish goals and objectives

The first step towards the development of a successful website project is establishing a mutual understanding of the goals and objectives that need to be accomplished.

Our projects typically start with a conference call/meeting in which we set out to:

  • explore what the project should accomplish
  • determine the key factors and strategic elements that would make it successful
  • identify a set of standards & metrics for measuring our success

Step Two: We concept and propose a Strategic Action Plan

With mutually understood goals and objectives in mind, we work to:

  • define the scope of the project
  • conduct any additional discovery that may be required
  • formulate the recipe that will lead us through development — our Strategic Action Plan

The Strategic Action Plan details our recommended approach to the major project elements, including:

  • website architecture
  • critical features and functionality
  • design of the interface
  • back-end infrastructure
  • Internet marketing initiatives

Additionally, this plan takes into account whatever budget and schedule parameters that have been provided to us and will also include:

  • projected costs associated with development
  • estimated timeline and launch date

Step Three: We develop and deploy the project.

Upon approval, we assemble the project team. The project leader will serve as your primary point of contact. Reviews are typically staged online on a restricted access server. Depending upon the project needs, we may leverage the unique skill sets of specialized independent developers. Our systems are designed for remote development “in the cloud”, enabling us to work easily with remote talent.

Prior to launch we test critical areas of the website project for functionality, usability, and cross-browser compatibility. Once the project has been approved to “go live”, we oversee deployment to the live server.

After the initial project: We’d like to be your “think tank.”

Because the Internet is such a highly competitive marketplace, changes in techniques, technology, and applications are constantly creating unique challenges and opportunities.

Keeping up with these changes and evaluating their impact is important to staying competitive online. We strive to assist our clients as much as possible by bringing these changes to their attention.

If you want us to evaluate your project, let us know. We offer a free, no-strings initial evaluation of your website via email.