Search Engine Optimization

Four of the top 10 most visited websites in the world are search engines. Google is the first step in the buyer’s journey for an untold number of B2C and B2B shoppers.

Your prospective customers use specific keyword phrases to locate the goods or service you provide. Ranking well on these specific phrases can lead to a steady source of exposure and new prospects.

Search engines are constantly making adjustments to the way that they rank websites. The goal of their adjustments is to present the most relevant possible list of quality websites in the results for each user’s search.

Our goal is to help our customers improve their relevancy for particular phrases, move as high up the results list as possible and to maintain rankings over time in spite of shifts to search engine algorithms.

Typical Steps in an SEO Project:

Our first step in getting started on a Search Engine Optimization project is to formulate an SEO plan. When implementing this plan we will:

  • Find the keyword phrases your potential customer is using.
  • Analyze these phrases to determine your potential ability to compete against the other websites that are currently ranking for them.
  • Optimize the code and structure of your website to make it friendlier to search engine spiders.
  • Fine tune the content of your website so that it reinforces the targeted keyword phrases.
  • Seek out opportunities across the Internet to increase the perceived value of particularly important pages by the search engines.
  • Monitor your ongoing rankings and the traffic generated by them, looking for opportunities to make improvements.

Our Approach to SEO

All of our regular SEO services comply with Google’s published webmaster guidelines. We believe that adherence to these is important to our clients as there are some tactics that, while effective, may lead to penalties or outright bans of a website. If you are currently evaluating search engine optimization services, you may be interested in reading Google’s tips for finding an SEO company. Many of our clients have found it helpful.

Are you ready to improve your visibility on the major search engines? Let us know!