Pacific Web

We are formerly Pacific Web

Pacific Web was founded in 1996 by Matt Walker and Mark Blair in downtown Cotati, the hub of Sonoma County in Northern California.

In 2002, Matt and his family left Sonoma County for the beautiful New Hampshire coast. As Blairworks, Mark continues to provide custom-tailored web development and goal-oriented web design.

Long before social media rose to the forefront, Pacific Web emphasized social technologies as part of its vision of Internet Community Development.

The following is from our original website, launched in early 1996:

At Pacific Web, our vision is to take disconnected worlds and to help fuse them together. We believe that the virtual can complement the physical and that virtual communities can be seamlessly joined with our physical ones.

We believe that we can have the best of both worlds and that the Internet can complement our daily lives, enhancing all aspects of community life — that it can energize the business, the political, the educational, and the social sectors.

We put our efforts into designing and implementing Internet structures and Web sites that serve this purpose. We use the technologies of today and actively promote those of the future that best serve the community.

We don’t believe that technology needs to exact a human toll, as it so often has. We believe it can make our daily lives more enjoyable to live, and enrich our everyday experiences.

That is what Internet Community Development is all about.