About Mark Blair

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Mark Blair is a Website architectInternet strategist and techno-sociologist. He became interested in social networking at an early age while coding his own bulletin board systems (BBS) in Microsoft BASIC to run off of a floppy disk on giant, silver Radio Shack Model III computer that looked like it had escaped from the set of Star Trek. The whole system ran from a floppy disk in 64k of memory – just a little more space than is consumed by this web page. People from across the North Bay used the system to dial in with their modems and leave messages for each other. Not quite Facebook, but it worked.

Fascinated by the vast potential of social networking, he pursued the subject and earned his degree in Sociology at Sonoma State University, with an emphasis on researching the impact of emerging Internet technologies upon social systems. His final paper explored the social dynamics of Internet newsgroups, once the focal point of public conversation in the years preceding the Web.

In 1996, he cofounded Pacific Web in Sonoma County. Ten years later Pacific Web was recast as Blairworks, in a desire to better reflect his personal commitment and involvement in each of the services that the company provides.

Mark has a particular fondness for coffee and can often be found tunneling into the Blairworks network from cafes in Cotati or throughout the rest of Sonoma County. He also is an avid traveler and works out of his “other” home office in his wife’s hometown of Sarajevo upon occasion.